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The MYC took part in the Interreg EuroMED event in Ljubljana.

In a dynamic gathering hosted by the Interreg EuroMED Joint Secretariat and the Slovenian Presidency, the Mediterranean Youth Council made its mark in Ljubljana during the event Connecting the Dots: The Path for a Smarter and Greener Mediterranean. This two-day conference brought together stakeholders, public authorities, and youth from diverse backgrounds across the Mediterranean region, reflecting on past accomplishments, establishing new connections with upcoming projects, and fostering a collaborative environment for sustainable development in the region.

The event commenced with insightful roundtables and discussions centering around the capitalization of project results from the 2014-2021 period within the Interreg EuroMED programme. A thorough examination of these achievements set the stage for aligning and amplifying efforts during the 2021-2027 and post-2027 programming phases: stakeholders engaged in discussions aimed at enhancing synergies, exploring cooperation opportunities, and envisioning the future of the Mediterranean region. The emphasis was placed on the four distinct missions integral to the EuroMED program.

At the forefront of these discussions was the Mediterranean Youth Council, which actively contributed to the dialogue, offering insights on how projects could better address the evolving needs and priorities of the youth on both shores of the Mediterranean. Furthermore, the MYC highlighted ways in which young individuals could be actively involved in the transformative process and contribute meaningfully to the implementation of projects, from co-designing and co-creation of activities to coordination and communication with other youth organizations in the region.

On the second day, the Mediterranean Youth Council took part in the workshop Co-Designing the Mission Scope and Identifying Priority Challenges on Innovative Sustainable Economy. Collaborating with governance projects partners, associated organizations, and external stakeholders, the MYC delved into the mission's scope and, through artistic activities and storytelling, and employing a challenge-based approach, identified key priorities for the next six years to foster a sustainable economy in the Mediterranean region.

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