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MYC Attendance at the 3rd edition of the MYA ‘Mediterranean Youth Academy’ and the UFM.

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

The Mediterranean Youth Academy's recent sessions from 6th to 9th November provided a comprehensive view of the challenges faced by the region's youth in their pursuit of employment. This article aims to contrast these challenges with potential solutions proposed, exploring the crucial role of entrepreneurship in reshaping the future for Mediterranean youth. Additionally, the notes emphasize the dynamism of the Mediterranean's youth, underscoring their willingness to contribute to regional development through their energy and ideas.

Challenges in Youth Employment: While the challenges of low wages, informal jobs, and a disconnect between education and job opportunities were highlighted, the notes accentuate the potential of youth as dynamic contributors. The need for comprehensive education and the inclusion of 'green and blue skills' in curricula is emphasized, recognizing the accountability spirit in children regarding climate change and energy transition.

Barriers to Youth Employment: In addition to the multifaceted challenges previously discussed, the notes emphasize the potential of youth as agents of change. The call for comprehensive education reforms, integrating political awareness from an early age, and fostering 'green and blue skills' underscores the importance of preparing the youth for active civic engagement.

Additional Insights: The notes bring forth a crucial perspective on youth involvement, suggesting methods to foster their engagement in shaping the region's future. Comprehensive education reforms are proposed, aiming to instill an engagement spirit, disseminate political knowledge, and incorporate essential green and blue skills. The importance of mentorship, guidance, and empowerment is highlighted through cross-generational platforms, ensuring a win-win relationship between youth and decision-makers.

Cultural Exchange and Dialogue: The importance of cultural exchange and dialogue is stressed, recognizing its role in fostering cross-cultural understanding and promoting diversity. This not only allows youth to comprehend different visions within the Euro-Mediterranean region but also contributes to a harmonious coexistence.

Political Involvement: The notes advocate for political involvement as a crucial step towards civilization. Encouraging youth participation in the political process is suggested, emphasizing the importance of educating them on political structures, political party programs, and motivating them to engage with policymakers.

Economic Development and Inclusion: In response to the challenging economic situation in the Mediterranean, the notes propose encouraging innovative youth entrepreneurship and expanding initiatives like "Graduate Programmes" throughout the region. These initiatives can provide opportunities for fresh graduates to transform ideas into concrete projects.

Ensuring Inclusion: To achieve true inclusion, the notes underscore the importance of considering various aspects, including the participation of youth from both shores of the Mediterranean, gender equity, ethnicity, religion, age, and disability inclusion. Recognizing the diverse perspectives and voices, especially those of children and people with disabilities, is emphasized as a crucial aspect of fostering an inclusive vision for the region's future.

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