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The Mediterranean Youth Council's Vision for Inclusive Education, Entrepreneurship, and Employment

The Mediterranean Youth Council was present at the Union for the Mediterranean Conference on Youth Entrepreneurship and the Future of Work, held in Tirana, Albania, on 13th June. It has been organised in cooperation with the European Commission, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH, Young Professionals Network (YPN).

Skills development, entrepreneurship, employment and Future of Work were at the center of the discussions. The Mediterranean Youth Council, highlighted the need to leave no one behind in the process, by ensuring inclusivity and accessibility to information and resources for all young people. Several programs exist and we need to make sure that people are well informed about the existing opportunities and have access to them. Differences between countries, regions, cities make it more difficult to young people from rural areas, remote regions to access a quality education and decent jobs for example. By decent jobs and trainings, we also called for #paid traineeships and for ensuring the basic needs and access to resources. Lifting barriers such as Visa issues, mobility, digital gap, have of course been raised. To achieve all this, more cooperation is needed to bring all stakeholders around the table, educational systems (formal and informal education), businesses/employers, citizens… This to ensure that the skills we prepare for are adapted to the Future, the Future of Work and the Future of Life, to understand how we can contribute better to our society, to achieve #Sustainable Development Goals and to face the challenges and opportunities of a more digital life. #Green skills , #Blue skills , #Soft skills #Digital skills …, etc.

Approximately 50 participants from across the Mediterranean region were present, sharing experiences, concerns and looking towards achieving common goals and co-constructing the Future we want!"

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