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Empowering Youth for a Sustainable Blue Economy: Collaborative Solutions for the Futur

On June 28th, the Mediterranean Youth Council collaborated with students from Leonardo Da Vinci High School in Calabria to explore the Blue Economy and foster better understanding. This incredible experience facilitated a comprehensive grasp of the concept, allowing for the sharing of diverse local experiences from Algeria, France, Lebanon, and Italy.

During the event, the youth presented concrete solutions regarding the impact of the Blue Economy on regions and the crucial role that young people play in it. They strongly emphasized the significance of raising awareness among their peers about the detrimental effects of human activity on marine biodiversity and the consequences of marine pollution.

Furthermore, the potential of coastal areas as a sustainable source of income, particularly through eco-tourism, was highlighted. The students also stressed the need to enhance the valorization of cultural heritage tied to these areas.

To address these challenges, the youth proposed the creation of jobs focused on beach cleaning and the protection of coastal biodiversity. This initiative aims to provide employment opportunities for young individuals while simultaneously increasing awareness about environmental conservation.

Finally, the event called for greater involvement of youth organizations and emphasized the importance of their collaboration with public authorities to find sustainable solutions at the municipal level.

Together, we can pave the way for a brighter future, where the Blue Economy thrives, marine biodiversity flourishes, and young people actively contribute to building a sustainable and prosperous world.

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