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Empowering Youth for a Greener Mediterranean: Highlights from Our Event in Cartagena

[Throwback to our last event from 8th-11th March in Cartagena, a beautiful and historical city in the region of Murcia in Spain]

This event was an opportunity to hold a dialogue in Murcia university with students from different European countries on the topic of the Energy crisis as a Mediterranean challenge, of how youths are conscious about its impact on daily lives and of the need to transition to other energy sources, namely Green Hydrogen, Wind, and Solar energy.

In the same occasion, a workshop was conducted in the Polytechnic university of Cartagena with representatives of the CPMR regions to discuss youth's involvement in policy practice and how the energy crisis impacts the whole region.

Thus, a declaration was prepared to pronounce interest for Energy transition, express our implication in putting forth and implementing remedies to issues that affect the Mediterranean region and accentuate the importance of engaging young people with decision-making.

Also, we were honored to meet the Mayor of Cartagena, Noelia Arroyo, who stressed the importance of the Port of Cartagena, one of Spain's vital ports that plays a significant local and regional economic role and to which we were honored to go.

Adding to that, a guided visit was organized in the city of Murcia and the historically-significant village of San Javier.

We take the opportunity to sincerely thank our partners the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPMR) , Les Têtes de l'Art , Regione Lazio, Région Sud - Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur , and the FACM who always support our council that is subsequently channels that support and amplifies it to touch all Mediterranean youths.

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